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A divine assignment...

In 2006, God began to reveal pieces of the ministry that He wanted Pastor Samantha Franklin to pursue. He gave her the name and the vision but she wasn’t sure what to do with the vision. In addition, this ministry was far different from her previous ministry and leadership assignments. In 2011, Pastor Franklin was asked to step into the role of Director of the Women’s Ministry at her church. She was already serving in a variety of leadership positions in the ministry, so her initial response was “I don’t think so”. God immediately brought the seed that He had planted in her, back in 2006; into her spirit. It was so clear and precise that she knew this opportunity was the avenue that God wanted to use to birth Women of Worth. So, after many conversations with the Lord, seeking guidance and confirmation, Pastor Franklin took a huge leap of faith and began the journey to unite, encourage and empower women.

In 2014, God gave her the directive to take Women of Worth to the next level. Today, Pastor Franklin boldly stands against every stronghold that has been assigned to devalue, disengage, create discord, cause division, destroy relationships, divert divine purpose, steal vision and snatch the planted word of God out of the hearts of the Women of Worth, for which she is assigned!

Women of Worth is determined to help each woman achieve personal and professional success. We believe with practical support and encouragement women can resolutely advance toward their dreams and goals. We aim to empower women by building their self-confidence and allowing their voices to be heard through various workshops, hands-on volunteer opportunities, networking events, and mentorship– all of which are designed to encourage women to believe that their contribution will and does make a difference, however big or small it may be.


We aim to help women find inspiration and strength to transform their lives and discover their God given gifts and purpose. Through ministry and leadership, we dive deep to explore our inner self worth as women. With initiatives and programs that meet women where they are, women begin their journey to reach their ultimate potential.


Women of Worth is a women’s empowerment ministry, designed to uplift, enlighten and encourage women to realize their value and reach their full potential.


Pastor Samantha Franklin